Doctor in Norwich tells of life after death

RichardValKent420By Mike Wiltshire
2011: Is there life after death? A Norwich FGBMFI audience recently heard amazing evidence that there is, given by a well-known Christian doctor.
Popular speaker Dr Richard Kent, a Death Row doctor, who has researched more than 300 people who have had extraordinary near-death experiences, presented evidence from both scientific and biblical viewpoints.
As the author of the book, The Final Frontier, Richard is a retired GP who has spoken in 27   countries on the theme of near-death experiences and life after death.
He is a regular presenter on Christian TV, but his main work is now among 1,100 prisoners on Death Row and a Maximum Security Building in Manilla, Philippines, the largest prison in Asia.
Two cinema documentaries, Return from Eternity, and The Lazarus Phenomenon, have featured the work by Dr Kent and other Christian medical researchers. Dr Kent's teaching website attracts at least 500,000 visitors a month. His books have been translated into eight languages, including Chinese.
In his talks, he uses remarkable recorded testimonies of people who believe they've had near-death and after-death experiences. These include those who have died from heart attacks, a road accident, a suicide attempt, a Vietnamese bullet wound, on the operating table, of pneumonia, and many other lethal conditions.
Dr Kent says: "These individuals have amazing stories of the afterlife, having crossed the final    frontier of death. Some tell of their wonderful experiences in Heaven, and the love, joy, and peace they found there. Others recall terrifying images of hell, which is very real, according to the teachings of Jesus."
He adds: "The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the heart of the New Testament, celebrated by millions of believers all over the world every year.
"Resurrection from the dead to a new life in   heaven, in a resurrected body, is the most cherished hope of all Christians. Based on Jesus' promises, all true born again believers in Jesus Christ can confidently look forward to an eternity in heaven!"
Dr Kent once led a large medical practice in the UK with eight partners and 18,000 patients. His own journey to faith began after a four-year-old patient died at home with leukaemia. Upset by this      experience, Dr Kent and his wife, Val, a casualty nurse, both began studying the Bible and eventually became convinced Christians.
Now, as ordained ministers, they speak at conferences all over the world and give away thousands of teaching DVDs and CDs via their non-profit charity, the Final Frontier Trust, and website:
Pictured above is Dr Richard Kent with wife Val.

Published: 24/04/2011