Financial angels come to Peter's rescue

PietervanRooyen4202011: A Christian business man told a Norwich FGBMFI dinner audience recently about a 'financial miracle' in his life when a complete stranger on the other side of the world felt prompted by God to come to his rescue. Mike Wiltshire reports.

Former banker Pieter van Rooyen had prayed earnestly that God would deliver him from a personal debt of more than £214k after a business arrangement went wrong through no fault of his own.
Pieter was a successful banking executive on the Isle of Man, a leading offshore financial centre. At weekends he also acted as a leader in a thriving Christian congregation in Douglas, the capital and largest town on the island.
Perhaps naively, a youth pastor in the church had asked God to 'send angels to deliver Pieter and his family' out of the financial crisis they faced.
Unknown to them all, Peter West, a businessman and Christian leader in Queensland, Australia, was woken one night with what he believes was a clear message from God 'go to Isle of Man and give a six-word message to a pastor that everything is going to be OK.'
The next day Peter West stumbled across a picture of Douglas and saw the words 'Apostolic ministry' in a magazine. He felt in his heart that God was giving him further directions. Nevertheless, he sought advice from local Christian leaders who reassured him that God does speak in strange and challenging ways.  
Peter West and his adult son, Paul, flew to Europe in faith and subsequently arrived in Douglas, wondering where in the world they were supposed to go until they stopped at a tram terminus and asked the ticket lady if she knew any church with the words 'apostolic ministry' in the title.
The lady became excited and said it was the very church where her troubled teenage son had recently found great help - and the church was located above the tram terminus.
There they met Pieter van Rooyen - including the youth pastor who had asked God to send angels to deliver Pieter from his financial crisis and subsequent court case. The church leaders were astounded by their Australian visitors who gave Pieter the message: 'Everything is going to be OK'.
However, Pieter's leading advocate only agreed to take on Pieter's case if they never mentioned the name of Jesus or miracles in his presence.
But the lawyer was so impressed by the generosity and faith of Peter West in supporting Pieter van Rooyen, that he eventually wrote to say that he had himself become a committed Christian.
Today, Pieter is a business mentor and Bible teacher whose story is told in the book, 'Business Unusual; banking on God'.
Pictured above is Peter van Rooyen.

Published: 16/09/2011