An inspiring encounter just outside of Norwich 


John Wright, a founder member and great father-figure in Norwich FGB, indeed in FGBUK & Ireland and further afield, has written a number of inspiring books. Here is an amusing and very inspiring account of an encounter he had in the lane near his home, just outside Norwich. It is called Singing Love Songs.

Every day there is a possibility of a Fine Romance. One August evening, walking up the lane, I stopped a car. (Rule 1. Waste no opportunity, at times convenient or inconvenient! 2 Timothy 4:2.) I knelt down, as Anglicans do, to speak to a young couple. (Rule 2. Always be at the same level as people you talk to). I then thanked them for not spreading their litter on my lane, holding up the tin cans I had just collected. (Rule 3. Start by saying something nice to people like, ‘Well done’; ‘Thank you’; ‘I apologise’.)

I introduced myself to David and Katie. (Rule 4. Develop a relationship). I then went on to tell them that my mission in life was to restore Romance by teaching young men to sing love songs to their ladies. I asked Katie if she would like a song for David to sing to her? She was delighted, so I sang:
‘What a day this has been, What a rare mood I’m in, Why, it’s almost like being in love!’ etc

I then asked them if they knew who was singing to them? ‘He is the greatest singer of love songs in the world,’ I said. ‘It is Jesus Christ who lives in me, but you are quite safe, I am an Anglican. To my amazement David and Katie jumped for joy. They were Christians! So I invited them home for a glass of wine. (Rule 5. Practice hospitality to strangers. Romans 12:13.) Then David said he was the son of Rev. John Coles who had started ‘New Wine’ Conferences. John had kindly written a wonderful commendation for my book, Shout It From The Housetops!

Amazingly, David & Katie had been praying for a God-incidence during their visit to Norwich! They also wanted to learn to speak to strangers about Jesus. So we all had much joy at the romantic providence of our meeting!

Pablo Greco, a young Evangelist to Universities in Uruguay, was asked what his system was? "I have no system," he said. "I an jsut myself. It’s like when you are in love, you want to tell everyone."
Story from The Road to Antioch by John Wright, used with permission.

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Published: 18/09/2020